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As the wise men say “ A person who do not read, has no benefit over a person who cannot read ”

After years of gathering numerous experiences in ielts coachings, Muskan kashyap has inculcated all her potencies and skills at Meadow. Moving abroad, exploring the world while working in your dream job, traveling to newer cities always requires a step out from your comfort zones. Ielts is not only a temporary ticket to move abroad, but a whole mindset to sustain your personality, it sows the seed of curiosity in a candidate to never stop learning new words and grab bits and pieces from every person’s personality. It enables the candidates to awestruck everybody in the room with their confidence and skills. Meadow academy is created with an intend to enhance candidate’s English learning abilities in all spheres of life and enabling them to explore the world while being a professional. 

We believe in fueling the energetic students with right type of knowledge and confidence to crack absolutely any tough situation in coming future. We train them with professional guidance techniques for enhancing their reading, listening and speaking abilities in English language. Few months of consistency and habitual learning attitude can make one more than capable to give Ielts exam. We welcome all the curious minds to take a deep dive in the world of English learning. 


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